Kategori: SAC Oxygen Deburring Machines


The ‘SAC’ system allows to remove the slag as soon as it forms under the billet or the bloom during cutting operations and is designed to be installed in A.L.B.A.’s torch cutting machines. The ‘SAC’ system works in combination with the main oxy-cutting torch and blows a ‘laminated’ flow of oxygen under the lower surface of the billet while it is cut. When the cut is finish the head and tail of the bar is cleaned and with a perfect shape ready to be laminated. The deburring torch could move automatically and be kept in a safety position when not in operation.

Advantages of SAC System

  • lower cost compared with mechanical systems;
  • easier maintenance;
  • lower consumption.

Designed and manufactured considering all the necessary conditions in order to avoid risks for personnel and plant during the use and maintenance of the machine, it will be equipped with all the required safety devices according to all international standards.

Deburring systems are based on a proven technology with high reliability and low maintenance and are specifically developed to offer high performances in heavy industrial environments. A.L.B.A.’s deburring systems are CE certified and developed according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality standard.

A.L.B.A.’s fluid control stations are designed and manufactured in order to allow every kind of fluid control for Torch Cutting Machines, oxygen blowing systems, burners systems and for any purpose in the steel industry.

They can be produced for all most common gases, such as oxygen, methane, propane, acetylene, argon, nitrogen, compressed air, etc. and they can be equipped with all necessary special devices such as pressure reducers, mass/flow-meters, on/ off valves, solenoid valves, safety valves, flashback arrestors, pressure switches, impurity catcher filters, dryers, etc. They are supplied with the right steel supporting structure and they are completely assembled, cabled, checked and tested in our facility. A.L.B.A.’s fluid control stations are specially engineered to satisfy all customer needs, final work site conditions and comply with all standards and regulations in force. A.L.B.A.’s fluid control stations are developed according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard.